Our Activities are:

  • Serial production of composite assemblies and parts: wings of Sinus, Virus, Taurus, Apis, Virus SW, Alpha Trainer airplanes, UL propellers.
  • Design and construction of high performance UL gliders and UL powered gliders.
  • Design and prototype construction of composite assemblies and parts: wings, fuselages, tails, UL propellers, blades of small wind turbines.
  • Design and construction of models, moulds and jigs for composite assemblies and parts.
  • Major structural and minor cosmetic repair of composite assemblies and parts.
  • Maintenance and finish of composite assemblies and parts.
  • Static load testing of composite structures.
  • Test flights for gliders and motor gliders.

 Our own projects (in development process):



AS 13,5 m has finally received a permit to fly! The test flights went smooth, without any complications! Tests were made by Mr Maks Berčič- Adria Airways pilot. More then 60 flights were made and more then 30 hours were reached!

Right now construction of fuselage mould is being made, which will be used for mass production next year!

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