AS 15 m

AS 15 m is an UL, single seated, FES-powered sailplane, of the following characteristics:

  • High performance in powered and sailing mode
  • FES powerplant, engine battery in fuselage aft of wing
  • Pilot-friendly qualities
  • From carbon and glass composites
  • Conventional configuration, including mid-wing, winglets and T-tail
  • Retractable main wheel, steerable tail wheel
  • Schemmp-Hirth airbrakes at upper wing surface
  • Full span flaperon, with 3 up and 3 down flap settings
  • Nose tow hook
  • Convenient simple rigging/derigging, with automatic hook-up of wing (flaperon, airbrake) and elevator controls
  • Fitted with an airframe parachute of ballistic rescue system
  • Cockpit designed to provide good crash safety features
  • The wing structure consists of spar caps made of carbon fiber rovings and carbon skins, glass fiber fabric and fitted with full span flaperons made by the same composites. The wings are connected with a tongue arrangement, secured with two main pins. All control surface hinge gaps are sealed with Mylar strips and Teflon-coated tape
  • The landing gear consists of a 6 inch electrically operated retractable main gear, steerable tail wheel and small wheels at both wing ends
  • All controls are automatically connected during rigging

Wing Span: 15 m, Wing Area: 9,4 m2, Aspect Ratio: 24, Fuselage Length: 6,25 m, Fuselage Height: 1.38 m, Empty Weight: 214 kg, Maximum Weight: 315 kg, Wing Loading (min) (62 kg pilot): 29,4 kg/m2, Wing Loading (max): 33,5 kg/m2, Best Glide Ratio: 42, Best Glide Speed at 300 kg, (35 kg/m2 ) Flap 0: 104 km/h, Minimum Sink Rate at 300 kg: 0.64 m/s, Min speed: 62 km/h, Min speed 0,63 m/s at: 90 km /h, Best L/D 42,5 at: 104 km/h, Max allowed WNE: 220 km/h, FES engine: 23 kW, Take off run concrete RWY: 170m distance over 15m: 295m, Take off run grass (cutted,dry) RWY:225m distance over 15m: 350m, Best rate of climb: 2,9 m/s, Endurance of horizontal flight: 52 min.

This aircraft is certified in the ULN category. The following simple maneuvers are anyhow permitted:

  • Lazy Eight
  • Chandelle
  • Steep turns
  • Stall turns

The stall speed with Airbrakes retracted and CG in the mid to rear position:

                      Gross weight                              300 kg

                      Flap Position                      Stall Speed (IAS)

                               +3                                      61 km/h

                               +2                                      64 km/h

                               +1                                      67 km/h

                                0                                       70 km/h

The stall speed in all flap settings is increased by approximately 3 km/h with the airbrakes extended. The landing gear position has no measurable influence on the stall speeds. Optimum- economical climb: At safe altitude reduce engine power to 3800-4000 RPM for max altitude gain in one step (cca 1100 m) until completely batteries drain. The Albastar AS-15M has very good cross wind handling characteristic due to »V« wing shape allowing high bank angles during touch down. The maximum demonstrated crosswind components are:

During aero tow: 30 km/h

During winch launch: 30 km/h

Self-launch: 30 km /h

During landing: 30 km/h